soft fruit growing network

We are pleased to open recruitment for the ‘Tyfu Cymru - Fruit Network’ 


The network will be formed of selected commercial Welsh soft fruit growers, with the aim to build the capacity and capability of the sector.

The network will focus on overcoming challenges faced by the industry as well as providing a platform for identifying future learning, sharing best practice, making links and signposting and seeking out opportunities for collaboration.

The aim of the programme is to deliver training in one day workshops with specialist agronomists, on topics relevant to soft fruit growers (one topic to be covered each day) to include:
  • Growing systems and Crop Planning

  • Soil and Nutrition Management

  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Harvesting and Marketing

The workshops will highlight best practice in the sector, and cutting-edge innovation will be showcased, alongside the signposting of external learning resources to further promote development of the group members.

The network will culminate in a day study tour to a flagship commercial fruit business which will combine the themes addressed in the training programme with demonstrations of practical implementation.

The network will run from December 2018 through to March 2019 and is 100% funded for eligible commercial soft fruit growers based in Wales, however spaces are limited and will be allocated through an application process. 

Please contact to apply, please note the closing date for all applications is 12pm Thursday 20th December 2018.